Wastewater Collection System Design, Permitting & Modeling - (Gravity & Pressure sewers, Force Main Modeling, Pump Sizing, Pump Station & Grinder Station Design)

Wastewater Treatment System Design & Permitting - (Convential Systems, Primary & Advanced Treatment Systems - Extended Air, Barden Pho, IFAS, SAGB, MBR, MBBR, Trickling Effluent Filters, Sand Filters, ATU's, Peat Filters & other attached growth Media Filters)

Wastewater Disposal System Design & Permitting - (Gravity fed, Low Pressure Pipe, Drip, Spray Irrigation & High Rate Infiltration)

Water Distribution System Design, Permitting & Modeling - (Potable Water Distribution System and Fire Suppression System Design and modeling)

Wastewater System Inspections (NCOWCICB Certified)

Street and Roadway Design & Permitting

Multi-purpose Path/Bike Path Design and Planning

Color Renderings

Dredging Plan Preparation

Site Plan Preparation, Design & Permitting

Heliport Design & Permitting

Hurricane Damage Assessment

Environmental Permitting

Construction Inspection Services

Stormwater Management Plan Design & Permitting

Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan Design & Permitting

Formal/Informal Bidding and Bid Administration


Professional Experience

March 2011-present: Anlauf Engineering, PLLC, Kitty Hawk, North   Carolina

  • The County of Currituck, Ocean Sands Wastewater Treatment Plant (600,000 gpd)
  • Cottages at the Cape, LLC, Wastewater Treatment Plant Design (15,000 gpd)
  • Town of Southern Shores. Phase 2, Canal Maintenance Dredging Project

1996-2011: Design Engineer, Quible & Associates, P.C., Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

  • Wastewater System Design & Permitting(collection system design, force main modeling, conventional system design, advanced treatment system design, wastewater treatment plant design, site & soil evaluations, repair systems, rules compliance, etc.). NC Wastewater System Inspector #4179I
  • Wastewater Disposal System Design & Permitting (drain fields, drip irrigation, spray irrigation, high rate infiltration ponds, lagoons, etc.)
  • Water System Design & Permitting (water main extensions, water system modeling)
  • Stormwater Management System Design & Permitting (dry infiltration basins, wet detention basins, cistern systems, storm chamber systems, low and high density systems, culvert sizing, etc.)
  • Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan Design & Permitting (NCDOT Level IIIB Designer Certification for Erosion & Sediment Control for Reclamation Plans)
  • Environmental Permitting (wetland delineations, USACE permitting, NCDE&NR, Division of Coastal Management Permitting, Dredging Projects)
  • FAA Facility Design & Permitting (Heliport Design)
  • Site Plan Design & Permitting (permitting of site plans through, State and Federal agencies, Counties, Towns and  local municipalities)
  • Roadway Design and Permitting (NCDOT design and Permitting, turning lanes, intersection design, subdivision roads, town roads & multi-purpose paths)
  • Solid Waste Management Permitting (reclamation sites, temporary storage sites, marine pump out system design)
  • Design of LEED Certified Innovative Wastewater System awarded Exemplary Performance in Innovative Designs
  • Acted as Town Engineer for the Town of Southern Shores, NC

Fall 1996: Engineering Technician, Sundberg, Carlson & Associates, Marquette, Michigan

  • Construction Inspection (concrete sampling, cylinder preparation, slump & air entrainment testing, compaction testing with nuclear density gauge)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering (1996)

MichiganTechnological University, Houghton,  Michigan

Technical Skills: Softdesk AutoCAD 2004-2008, Carlson AutoCAD 2019, WaterCAD & Flowmaster, MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint), WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, Adobe Acrobat